FAQ | Socket Rocket


How does the Socket Rocket play music?
You connect your phone to the Socket Rocket via Bluetooth, and the Socket Rocket then transmits what your phone is playing onto your radio system (stereo) in your car. It uses your existing car speakers that you normally use to listen to the radio.

What if my car's really old, will the Socket Rocket still work?
If you have a working radio, car speakers and a functioning cigarette lighter socket, then absolutely!

How do I connect my phone to the Socket Rocket?
Once your car engine/ignition is on and the Socket Rocket is plugged in, find HY-87 or Socket Rocket in your phone's Bluetooth settings and connect to it

What do you recommend using for the radio station with the Socket Rocket?
Our personal favourite is 88.3FM, however any FM station will work, provided you are not going near your major regular radio stations (e.g. B105 FM, 96.5 FM, etc.)

Can I play music off a USB or Micro SD card?
Yes, you sure can. However, if you are using a USB, the Socket Rocket only supports FAT32 file systems.

When will my order be shipped?
If you've ordered on a weekday before 12pm Melbourne time, we'll dispatch your order the same day.

Where is my order being shipped from?
All of our orders are dispatched from Clayton South in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We do not and have never shipped from overseas.

My car’s stereo is old and doesn’t support Bluetooth. I don’t get it?
Perfect - this product is designed specifically for you. The Socket Rocket will allow you to play any phone audio through your existing car speakers without any wires - completely hands-free! Watch our video above for further clarification.

What’s your warranty and returns policy?
We are fully compliant with Australian consumer law

Every order includes a complimentary one year warranty - for faults/defects. You can also extend this to two years at the cart page for a small additional cost.

We’re so confident in our products, that we also offer a 30-Day Triple Protection Guarantee, which covers you for a refund/replacement if you are not happy with your product within 30 days of receiving it.

What’s the audio quality like?
You can achieve static-free, high quality music & calls by following our online trouble-shooting guide. It’s easy!

What does my phone audio play through?
It plays through your existing car speakers, as if you were still listening to the radio!

How can I call people while I’m driving?
Firstly, the Socket Rocket has an in-built microphone to make it easy.

To dial calls, pull over and use your phone OR use Siri/Google voice prompts to make it happen

To pick up/hang up calls, simply use the green call button on the Socket Rocket’s front fascia.